Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Koenzine is an photo essay of the awesome fashion girls of Koenji, photographed by Hanayo.

I'm home! After 15 years of living abroad! Koenji, the town I grew up in, had always been an alternative place filled with underground record shops, thrift shops, noise music halls, etc. But now it's going even further, with Kitakore Building, an old building that seems falling apart yet is constantly attracting new tenants as if the building is for squatters; the Sanrio Kingdom whose characters surrounded my childhood; places that realized the worlds of Minky Momo, Nakayoshi Comics; bars that take me to the time of TakaraJima magazine in its prime. And there are always girls with new sensitivity leading these places!

amazing girls in koenzi are (高円寺やばい女子軍団)
Tenko by gaijin,MADEMOISELLE YULIA by GIZA,toko&nene by 光  ,Trippple Nippples by ilil,mikey & child by MELON(mouse),cathy by southpaw NPC ,tavchi & magachan by spank

launch 15th-18th july@ tokyo art book fair
launch party & little exhibition 24th july @ kitakore building

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